Basic MS Excel 2007 tutorial Intro

Introduction to MS Excel 2007

When you click on MS Excel application from your program list the first thing you notice is that a blank sheet.In MSExcel it is commonly called a workbook.Every workbook contains 3 worksheets namely Sheet1,Sheet2,Sheet3 by default.

You can insert or delete or rename or move the sheets which we shall see later.


Now lets take an excel tour to get a sneak peak into the basics of Microsoft Excel.

Here is a sample workbook

(1)Microsoft office button:This is a round button that you can see on the uppermost left corner of the workbook.You can use this to open a new workbook or save.We will be exploring the options under this head in detail in the next lesson.
(2)Quick Acess Toolbar:There is a small bar right next to the Microsoft Office button.You can customise and add frequently used commands to the quick access tool bar so that you access any command at a click.
(3)Title bar:Title bar appears at the top of any worksheet.
By default the 1st sheet you open is named as Book1 which you can rename by saving it with a different name.

(4)Minimise:There is minus(-)like symbol to the topmost right corner of the worksheet which you can use to minimise the window
(5)Maximise/Restore down:Next to the minimise button is a box shaped button which you can use to maximise or restore the window.
(6)Close:Next to Maximise button is Cross(x)sign which you can use to close the window.
(7)Ribbon:The whole area to the bottom of the title bar is the Ribbon.
(8)Tabs:Ribbon is divided into different tabs based on the functions they perform.We have the Home tab,Insert tab,Pagelayout tab,Formulas tab,Data tab, Review tab, View tab.

(9)Groups;All similar type of commands are grouped together into a group.
Ex:Alignment and Number are groups.

(10)Name box:To the left corner below the Ribbon is the name box which shows the active cell/cell reference.

(11)Formula bar:The white area next to fx is the formula bar which you can use to insert formulas.

(12)Vertical scroll bar:To right of the worksheet is the vertical scroll bar which you can use to scroll to see more data on the vertical side.  

(13)Horizontal scroll bar:To the bottom right of the worksheet is the horizontalscroll bar which you can use to scroll to see more data on the horizontal side. 

(14)Normal View:Below the horizontal scroll bar there is an icon called normal view which you can use to view the worksheet in the normal mode.

(15)Page Layout:Below the horizontal scroll bar there is another icon in the middle called Page Layout which allows you to modify the page layout.

(16)Print Preview:Below the horizontal scroll bar next to Page layout is the Print Preview button which shows you how the worksheet looks when you print it.

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