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Budget 2019 Highlights

Finance minister Piyush Goyal on Friday presented Union Budget 2019 in Lok Sabha. Mr Goyal is appointed as the interim finance minister on january 23 with Arun Jaitley undergoing treatment in the United States....

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General Awareness for Bank Exams

 General Awareness for Bank exams Sl NO Topics View 1 G-20 summit View 2 Current rates(Repo or Reverse repo rate, Bank rate,CRR,SLR) View 3 ASEM Summits and meetings View 4 Summits held in 2010...

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The Millennium Development Goals(MDGs)

Millennium Development Goals In September 2000,at the United Nations Millennium Summit world leaders agreed to 8 specific and measurable development goals now called the Millennium Development goals to be achieved by 2015. 17 Sustainable...