Data analysis questions and answers for bank po

Data analysis questions based on graphical interpretation is frequently asked in bank exams. This is a section that every candidate aspiring to join the banking career must aim to score. With these handful tricks you can answer the data analysis questions in seconds. How amazing that sounds right?
It is amazing and an easy trick. Below is one of those typical data analysis questions.
(4)In which of the years was the percentage increase in production of company A was minimum from the previous year?

We shall see how we solve this using the below trick.

Steps to find percentage increase in production of company A

Step 1:Look at the graph and compare the lengths of the bars of company A for different years.

Step 2:Find out the year where the length of graph is less than its previous year.

We observe the following
(a) Production of company A from 2007 to 2010 shows an increasing trend and from 2010 to 2012 shows a decreasing trend.
(b)We shall consider only 2007 to 2010 ignoring others and start comparing the current year with its previous year

Comparing 2008 and 2007
Number of parts in 2008=3
Number of parts in 2007=1

Comparing 2009 and 2008
Number of parts in 2009=7
Number of parts in 2008=3

Comparing 2010 and 2009
Number of parts in 2010=8
Number of parts in 2009=7

Ans  Percentage Increase in production of company A is minimum in the year 2010 where it has increased by only 1 part compared to the year 2009.


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