Shortcut to find squareroot of any number

Shortcut to find squareroot of any number

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  • suresh

    Thanks for you giving explanations………..
    very nice steps…………………………………

  • Boopathi

    what is the method for sq.root of 625

    • I am Vivek VJ !

      1. last digit is 5. Unit digit will be 5
      2. take 6 from first pair. 4 is near to 6. so sqrt of 4= 2
      3. answer is 25.

  • Rt

    How to solve 729

    • Umarmukthar

      The above trick is only for cracking problems in bank exams and work for perfect squares. first have a look at the given answers if there is apart from numbers like none of the above. They you have to check each and every answers..

    • rohit bansal

      I found this video to find roots of even 5 digit number in seconds!

      • mirza ahmed baig

        u are always taking the greater no then why there is need to multiply a number with its successor??????

    • Shreyas Bhargav

      either 3sq or 7sq will give you 9 at unit’s digit.
      choose a square close to 7 = sq(2)
      2*3 = 6 < 7
      therefore digit in unit's place will be the larger number: 9
      29*29 = 729

  • #@!To: Boopathi

    √625 = take last 2 digits 25 and remaining is 6. (like this 6 , 25 )

    ( 1sq=1 , 2sq=4 , 3sq=9 , 4sq=16 , 5sq=25 ,6sq=36 , 7sq=49,
    8sq=64 , 9sq=81 , 10sq=100 ).

    Now, first see 25= last no. is 5; (where is 5 is coming / 5sq=25.)= take ? 5

    Now, again find where 6 is coming. Inbetween 2 sq& 3sq 6 is coming. take always small value.

    = and value is 2.

    Finally, first value is 5 and second value is 2. =2 5

    Answer= 25



    You find the √1369 ?

    Ans= 37. Follow the above steps.

    Thank You. Have a nice day.

  • Guest


  • raj

    how to solve 7 digits or more in this shortcut

    • I am Vivek VJ !

      I dont know about seven digits. But for 6 digits i mentioned above
      The complexity increases with number of digits. the more no. of digits..question becomes difficult to solve.
      Nothing is impossible in this world. You need right time and right tools.

  • Balaji Varadan

    for 6 digit number, how to find

  • Balaji Varadan

    how to solve 400689

    • I am Vivek VJ !

      1. Take last number.

      2. sq of 9 = 3 so 3 is unit digit
      3. Take rest numbers 4006 as single number.
      4. Find the number whose square is near to 4006
      5. U will find square of 63 is 3969 ~ 4000
      7. Ur answer is here dear…633

      • Sampriti Das

        just take 274576 as a six digit no. the last digit is 6 …which is not a perfect square.then how to find the square root?

        • I am Vivek VJ !

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        • Subrat

          step 1) In 274576 ,units place is 6
          4sq.=16 and 6sq.=36 as 4(less value) & 6(more value) end with 6
          the unit place could either 4 or 6
          step2) eleminate 76 and takethe rest no.s 2745
          find the no. whose square is nearer to 2754
          U will find square of 52 is 2704 ~2754
          therfore take 52(units place)
          step 3) now we should decide weather to take 4(less)or 6(more) as unit digit
          take 52 next no. and multiply them 52×53=2756
          as 2745<2756, take 4 (less < no.)
          therefore the answer is 524

      • Harshu

        Sir as u said 3 is in unit digit bcoz its square is 9, but last digit of 7,s square is also 9. So how we know it may 3 or 7

        • Subrat

          step 1.)unit digit is 9
          so we should take 3(less value) and 7(more value) as the unit digit
          step 2)Take rest numbers 4006 as single number
          Find the number whose square is near to 4006
          U will find square of 63 is 3969 ~ 4000
          Ur answer is here dear…633
          step3) 63_ now we should decide either we should take 3 or 7 in the units place
          step 4) next no. to 63 is 64, multiply both 63×64=4063<4006
          therefore we should take the *less value* as mentioned in step 1)
          {take 3(less value) and 7(more value)} i.e, 3 as the digit in units place
          Therefore sqaure root of 400689 is 633 (not 6334)

        • I am Vivek VJ !

          In that case, Multiply the tens digit with consecutive of tens digit. like if tens digit is 6..6 x 7 = 42
          now compare 42 with the first 2-3 digits of the number from left. if the 42 is greater than that number, choose the lesser of the two. If 42 is less than that number, choose greater of the 2 . ATB

      • M Pradeep Kumar


  • Shree Devi

    for √784, as we paired the numbers and got 7 in the first pair, the nearest square to 7 will be 9 right? (3×3) ?? Why is 4 selected?
    How do we know which square to take?

    • I am Vivek VJ !

      Because u always have to take the one less than…and nearest. You cannot take 9..its farther not nearest.
      4 is near to well as less than 7
      9 is near but from right side
      Observe from left side and you will find wisdom there. >1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>9

  • Keyur

    How to solve 4896?

  • asd

    how the nearest square of 7 is 4 can anybody explain……

  • Prithviraj Ghosh

    hello but how to find of a niumber of 7 digits? i.e.- 2771291????????????????

  • Jibin Jose

    how to resolve 961

  • nandini

    how to solve53824

  • Shreyashi

    How to solve 12996

  • Shreyashi

    It’s dere in a lic exam test paper

  • Arnab Chaudhuri

    can this process be used in case of imperfect square?

  • sravan kumar

    how to find square root of 6354

  • Varsha Holla

    How to find the square root / cube root of any number ending with zero? If I follow this method for square root of 2240, then the answer will be 40, but it’s wrong. It is around 47.32. Please suggest a way to find this.