Shortcut to find percentage of a number within seconds

Shortcut to find percentage of a number within seconds

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  • Mythili Ramani

    Great explanations.. Thank you so much.

  • saloni jain

    One day when I was finding some trick for % then I came across this wonderful blog . Good work keep it up . God bless you.

  • saloni jain

    Thanks from my heart . Very nice tricks . I am feeling so happy .
    Currently you have few follower’s but I am sure one day when people will know about your website .then they definitely liked it . Very very very good tricks .

  • I am Vivek VJ !

    Ok thats good. But WhAT ABOUT THIS ONE ??
    47% of 347 and 63% of 662
    the ones you have mentioned were easy because Addition was involved. The places where subtraction is involved..what about them..can you tell any trick about that ?? Nowadays in Bank exams these types have replaced with the ones i gave above.

  • priya

    For 47% of 347 we just have to find out 50% of 347 (173.5) and then find out 1% of 347 (3.47) add it 3 times (3.47+3.47+3.47 =10.41) and subtract it from the result (173.5-10.41)

  • vidya

    thn how to calculate 750% of 12…. please expalin


      Simply find 12% of 750. both are same only.

      Exp: for 750% of 12 = (750/100)*12 which is equal to 12% of 750 = (12/100)*750

      • Ramya Rums

        0.8% of 779
        0.366%of 4880

  • Olaf

    thank u so mch…:))

  • hiranya

    thank you so much… it’s really useful..

  • Anithu Maniraji

    can you answer the following questions????
    1> In an exam, A got 20% more than B, but 25% less than C. If B got 575/1200, what is the % score of C?

    2> In a party, 662/3% are men. If 40% of the men and 50% of the total number of persons had left the party, then what is the % of women who had left the party?

  • Ramya Rums

    0.366% of 4880 how to find any only explain pls

    • Shantanu Marathe

      It is same as 48800% of 366.