Basic computer terms for beginners

Basic computer terms for beginners
Computer Knowledge is a compulsory section in bank exam.Learn the basic computer terms and improve your computer IQ and your score.

What is a computer?
A computer is an electronic computing device that processes the data input by the users to give meaningful outputs. 

Data-The input that we provide to the computer is known as data.
Data can be in the form of numbers, alphabets,pictures,sound etc.

Information-The output that we get after the data is processed to
give it more meaning is referred to as information.
Example:Ram scored higher percentage than Shyam.

Process-Process refers to any processing done on the data such as
applying mathematical or logical operations on the data inputed.

Processor-Computer is a computing device which gives meaningful outputs
by processing the data inputed.Hence, it is known as processor.

Command-A set of meaningful and complete instructions are given to the computer to process data.Each instruction given to the computer is known as command.

Program-Computer processes data based on a set of instructions.
The set of instructions together is known as a program.

Software-An integrated set of programs is known as software.
Example:MS office.

High level languages-High level language refers to any programming language used by an individual to develop a program without giving regard to any computer hardware requirements.
Example:C/C++, Java

Translators-Translators are a set of programs used to translate different levels of languages into the computer understandable language.Translators are of 3 types namely Assembler,Compiler and Interpreter.

Compiler-Compiler is a program that translates source code written by the user in high level languages into a lower level language or assembly language.

Assembler-Assembler is a program that translates assembly language into machine language.Assembly language uses a mnemonic or object code to represent each lower level machine operation.

Interpreter-An interpreter is a program that executes other programs written in programming scripting language directly
analyzing each and every line and executing it line by line.

Programmers-Programmers refers to those individuals or group of people who write programs to develop a software.

Application software-Any software developed for a specific application meant to serve a distinct purpose is known as application software.Example:Tally is an application software used only to perform accounting operations.

System software-Any software developed to interpret user defined instructions to the computer and produce the needed information
is known as system software.Example:Operating system software such as windows is a system software

Memory-The capability of the computer to remember or register data given to it is known as memory.

Multiple choice questions on computers | Computer Knowledge

Multiple choice questions on computers | Computer Knowledge
Multiple choice questions on Computers
1.Scanner is an
(a)Input device
(b)Output device
(c)Both of these
(d)None of these2.One nano second is equal to
(a)1 Billionth of a second
(b)1 millionth of a second
(c)10 millionth of a second
(d)1 thousandth of a second
(e)None of these

3.Which is the fastest memory among the following in a computer system?
(a)Hard disk
(c)Cache memory
(d)All of these
(e)None of these

4.How many Megabytes make 1 Gigabyte?

5.Internet is an example of
(d)All of these
(e)None of these

6.In 3G broadband services what does 3G stand for?
(c)Third generation
(d)Both a and b
(e)None of these

7.what is the capacity of a standard floppy disk?
(e)None of these


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