3 digit multiplication trick in banking

3 digit multiplication trick

A person who knows math tricks certainly has an edge over the others.With the ability to rapid do mental calculation one will not only be able to score higher marks in competitive exams but will also enhance his mental sharpness enormously. Its fun to calculate this way after all, steps of calculation need not be shown on paper!

Below we shall discuss one such multiplication trick wherein you will be able to multiply any two 3 digit numbers easily within seconds.
One thing to remember here is that both the numbers should be close to 100.The closer they are the easier it is to multiply.

Here are steps to do the 3 digit multiplication in detail

Step 1:Find the difference of each of the numbers from 100
Step 2:Multiply the differences that you found in step 1 to get the unit’s place digit
Step 3:Add the differences of both the numbers to 100 and place them to the left of the result obtained in step 2.

Let us now consider an example to understand better

Example 1: 102 x 103
Here we notice that both the numbers are close to 100
We shall apply the technique that we learnt 

Step 1:First we find the differences of the numbers
We observe that 
102 is 2 more than 100 so the difference is 2
103 is 3 more than 100 so the difference is 3

Step 2:Multiplying the differences 
we get,
2 x 3=6 which is the unit’s place digit.

Step 3:Now to find the rest of the number adding the differences to 100 
we get,

Placing 105 to the left of the result obtained in step 2(6)
we get 
102 x 103=10506

Ans 10506

Try multiplying the below numbers using the above trick and see how fast you are able to do it
(1)101 x 102
(2)102 x 104
(3)103 x 104
(4)104 x 105
(5)105 x 106
(6)106 x 107
(7)107 x 108
(8)108 x 109

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