Decoding words trick for bank exams

Decoding words trick to your rescue to help you decode words quicker.These type of problems are often asked in Reasoning ability section of bank exams. Knowing the technique to decode letters will help in arriving at the answer within seconds.
There are different types of decoding.

Today we shall see problems of the following type 
In a certain code, a word is 
written as some word(code). How is another word written in that code?

Examples of Decoding words trick to solve reasoning problems

Let us see the steps to decode the letters of word 

Step 1:First of all write down all the alphabets from A to Z in the following manner

Step 2:Now write the given word and the code in the form of numbers by substituting the value of the letters with their corresponding numbers.
Step 3:Compare the letter and the code and try to identify the pattern it is following.
       To identify the pattern check 2 things
       (a)Is there a change in the order of the letters or not
       (b)After substituting each of the letters with numbers see if the number increased or decreased and by how much. Step 4:Now write the another word that is to be written in that code in the form of numbers as you did in step 2.

Step 5:Apply the pattern that you identified in step 3 to the word to be decoded.

Step 6:Substitute the letters corresponding to the numbers of the pattern

Let us consider an example to understand better

Example 1:In a certain code, ‘TRICK’ is written as ‘SQHBJ’. How ‘LIGHT’ is written in that code?

Step 1:We write the Alphabetic series as

Step 2:Substituting the numbers in the word and the code

Step 3:Comparing the order of the letters of the word with the code, we notice that
there is no change in the order of the letters
Next we check if there is increase or decrease, we find that
Pattern here is 19=20-1,17=18-1,8=9-1,2=3-1,10=11-1
We have successfully identified the pattern as decreasing by 1. 

Step 4:Substituting the numbers in the word to be decoded

Step 5:Applying the pattern we identified in step 3 to the word LIGHT we get
         we get,

Step 6:Substitute the letters corresponding to numbers of the pattern

Ans Decoded word of LIGHT will be KHFGS

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