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G-20 summit 0

G-20 summit

The group of twenty(G-20) is premier international forum which brings together Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from 19 countries which are Argentina,Australia,Brazil,Canada,China, Germany,India,Indonesia,Italy,Japan,The Republic of Korea,Mexico,Russia,Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey,United Kingdom,USA along with...

Current rates as of October 24th 2011 0

Current rates as of October 24th 2011

Current Rates Bank rate: 6.00% Repo Rate:8.25% Reverse Repo Rate:7.25% Marginal standing facility rate:9.25% Cash Reserve Ratio:6.0% Statutory Liquidity ratio:24.0% Base rate:9.50%-10.75% Savings bank rate:4.0% Deposit rate:8.50% to 9.50%

ASEM Summits and meetings 0

ASEM Summits and meetings

ASEM Summits The Asia-Europe meeting(ASEM) is a meeting where in 27 European Union member states,2 European countries and the European commission with 20 Asian countries and the the ASEAN Secretariat meet informaly to discuss...

Summits held  in 2010 0

Summits held in 2010

List of summits held in the year 20101)G-20 Summit was held in Seoul on November(11/12/2010). 2)G-20 Summit was held in Toronto,Onterio,Canada on June 2010. 3)SAARC 16th summit was held in Thimpu,Bhutan on 28 and...

The Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) 0

The Millennium Development Goals(MDGs)

Millennium Development Goals In September 2000,at the United Nations Millennium Summit world leaders agreed to 8 specific and measurable development goals now called the Millennium Development goals to be achieved by 2015. The goals...

Shortcut to square any number from (30-79) 1

Shortcut to square any number from (30-79)

Shortcut to square any number from 30 to 79 mentally in seconds is now possible for all aspiring candidates writing different competitive exams. It is always better to have some maths tricks handy when...