Multiple choice questions on computers | Computer Knowledge

Multiple choice questions on computers | Computer Knowledge
Multiple choice questions on Computers
1.Scanner is an
(a)Input device
(b)Output device
(c)Both of these
(d)None of these2.One nano second is equal to
(a)1 Billionth of a second
(b)1 millionth of a second
(c)10 millionth of a second
(d)1 thousandth of a second
(e)None of these

3.Which is the fastest memory among the following in a computer system?
(a)Hard disk
(c)Cache memory
(d)All of these
(e)None of these

4.How many Megabytes make 1 Gigabyte?

5.Internet is an example of
(d)All of these
(e)None of these

6.In 3G broadband services what does 3G stand for?
(c)Third generation
(d)Both a and b
(e)None of these

7.what is the capacity of a standard floppy disk?
(e)None of these


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G20 summit

G-20 summit

G20 summit is held and hosted by different G20 countries.The group of twenty(G20) is premier international forum which brings together Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from 19 countries which are Argentina,Australia,Brazil,Canada,China, Germany,India,Indonesia,Italy,Japan,The Republic of Korea,Mexico,Russia,Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey,United Kingdom,USA along with the European union. The G20 summit is formally known as the “Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy”.

It was established in the aftermath of the financial crisis during 1997-1998 in Sep 1999 to discuss issues concerning global economy and finance. Inaugural meeting of the G20 took place in Berlin on Dec 15th and 16th 1999,hosted by German and Canadian finance ministers.Key objectives of G20 Summit are as follows
(1)Implementing sound policies between member countries to achieve global economic stability and sustainable growth
(2)Promoting financial regulations to reduce risks and prevent future financial crisis
(3)Modernizing international financial architecture

The list of G20 summit held from the time of its establishment is as follows

SL NoG20 SummitHeld AtHeld onHost
11st G20 SummitWashington D.C, United States14-15 Nov 2008George W.Bush
22nd G20 SummitLondon, United Kingdom2 April 2009Gorden Brown
33rd G20 SummitPittsburgh, United States24-25 Sep 2009Barack Obama
44th G20 SummitToronto, Canada26-27 Jun 2010Stephen Harper
55th G20 SummitSeoul, South Korea11-12 Nov 2010Lee Myung-bak
66th G20 SummitCannes, France3-4 Nov 2011Nicolas Sarkozy
77th G20 SummitLos Cabos, Mexico18-19 Jun 2012Felipe Calderon
88th G20 SummitSterlna St Petersburg, Russia5-6 Sep 2013Vladimir Putin
99th G20 SummitBrisbane,Australia15-16 Nov 2014Tony Abbott
1010th G20 SummitSerik, Antalya, Turkey15-16 Nov 2015Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
1111th G20 SummitHangzhou, China04-05 Sep 2016Xi Jinping
1212th G20 SummitHamburg, Germany07-08 Jul 2017Angela Merkel
1313th G20 SummitBuenos Aires, Argentina30 Nov-01 Dec 2018Mauricio Macri
1414th G20 SummitOsaka, Japan28-29 Jun 2019Shinzō Abe
1515th G20 SummitRiyadh, Saudi Arabia21-22 Nov 2020Salman

The host country of the G20 summit leads the group over the course of one year from December through the following November as the G20 presidency. The G20 presidency also organizes relevant ministerial and working group meetings.

As globalization progresses and various issues become more intricately intertwined, the recent G20 summits have focused not only on macroeconomy and trade, but also on a wide range of global issues which have an immense impact on the global economy, such as development, climate change and energy, health, counter-terrorism, as well as migration and refugees. The G20 has sought to realize an inclusive and sustainable world through its contributions towards resolving these global issues.

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ASEM Summits and meetings

ASEM Summits and meetings
ASEM Summits
The Asia-Europe meeting(ASEM) is a meeting where in 27 European Union member states,2 European countries and the European commission with 20 Asian countries and the the ASEAN Secretariat meet informaly to discuss on political, economic and cultural issues with key objective of strengthening the ties between Europe and Asia.It was established in the year 1996.Currently it has 51 members.
It is held every second year in Asia and Europe alternatively.

We shall now go through the list of ASEM summits held from 1996 to the present. 

  • 1st ASEM Summit
Thailand 1-2 March 1996 Towards a New Asia-Europe Partnership for greater growth
  • 2nd ASEM Summit
United Kingdom 3-4 April 1998 View
  • 3rd ASEM Summit
Seoul, South Korea 20-21 Oct 2000 View
  • 4th ASEM Summit
Copenhagen,Denmark 22-24 Sep 2002 View
  • 5th ASEM Summit
Hanoi, Vietnam 8-9 Oct 2004 View
  • 6th ASEM Summit
Helsinki, Finland 10-11 Sep 2006 10 Years of ASEM:Global Challenges-Joint Responses
  • 7th ASEM Summit
Beijing, China 24-25 Oct 2008 Vision and Action:Towards a Win-Win Solution
  • 8th ASEM Summit
Brussels,Belgium 4- 5 Oct  2010 View
  • 9th ASEM Summit
Vientiane, Laos 5-6 Nov
Friends for peace, Partners for prosperity
  • 10th ASEM Summit
Milan, Italy 16-17 Oct 2014 Responsible partnership for growth and security

ASEM Ministeral meetings

 ASEM information and communication technologies ministerial meeting
1st ASEM information and communication technologies(ICT) ministerial meeting was held in Hanoi,Vietnam from 30th November to 1st December 2006.

 ASEM Labour and employment ministers meeting
 2nd ASEM Labour and employment ministers meeting was held in Bali,Indonesia on 13th and 15th October 2008.

 ASEM small and medium enterprises(SMEs) ministerial meeting
 1st ASEM small and medium enterprises(SMEs) ministerial meeting was held in Beijing and Qngdao,China from 29th October to 1st November 2007.

 ASEM Interior ministers meeting
1st ASEM Interior ministers meeting was held in Romania in 2009.

 ASEM ministerial meeting on cooperation in transport
1st ASEM ministerial meeting on cooperation in transport was held in vilnius,Lithuania in 2009.

 ASEM ministerial conference on energy security
1st ASEM ministerial conference on energy security was held in Brussels,Belgium in 2009.

ASEM Education ministers meeting
2nd ASEM Education ministers meeting was held in Hanoi,Vietnam on 14th and 15th May 2009.

ASEM Environmental ministers meeting
2nd ASEM Environmental ministers meeting was held in Leece,Italy on 13th October 2003.

ASEM culture ministers meeting
4th ASEM culture ministers meeting was held in Ponznan,Poland on 8th September 2010.
Theme of the meeting was Heritage and the challenges of the present.

 ASEM economic ministers meeting
6th ASEM economic ministers meeting was held in Rotterdam(Netherlands) on 16th and 17th September 2005.

ASEM finance ministers meeting
9th ASEM finance ministers meeting was held in Madrid(Spain) on 17th and 18th April 2010.

ASEM foreign ministers meeting
9th ASEM foreign ministers meeting was held in Hanoi,Vietnam on 25th and 26th May 2009.