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RBI Deputy Governor 2018

There are four deputy Governors for 2018(1)Shri N. S. Vishwanathan (2)Dr. Viral V. Acharya (3)Shri B.P. Kanungo (4)Shri Mahesh Kumar Jain

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RBI Governor List

Governor The Governor is the chairman of the board and chief executive of the RBI. 1st Governor-Sir Smith(1935-1937) 1st Indian Governor-C.D Deshmukh(1948-1949) Previous Governor of RBI was Dr Urjit R. Patel Current Governor of...

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RBI Functions

About RBI RBIĀ is the central bank of the country. Reserve Bank of India was established on 1st April 1935 as per the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The RBI office...